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Incontinence Supplies & More 


Trusted Incontinence Provider

In the United States, approximately 13 million people have been diagnosed with incontinence. Koger Home Care is committed to providing trusted incontinence supplies to our community. Our agency offers incontinence care products that are suitable for your incontinence care needs. We have incontinence care supplies for Infants, Youth, and Adults of all sizes. We offer the following incontinence care supplies & more: 

  • Adult Incontinence Fitted Briefs/Diapers 

  • Adult Incontinence Protective Underwear (Disposable underwear, Pull-ups)

  • Adult Incontinence Pads/Liners

  • Bariatric Incontinence Diapers

  • Children's Incontinence Diapers

  • Children's Protective Underwear

  • Disposable Chux (Underpads)

  • Adult Disposable Wipes (Washcloths)

  • Skin Barrier Creams

  • Perineal Cleansing Products

  • Nutritional Supplement Drinks

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